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Dangerous waste disposal may be a tricky business but we make things as simple as possible. We offer a collection and disposal service for just about any kind of hazardous waste that may be deemed necessary.

Dangerous waste disposal regulations
For those who haven’t yet done so, our coordinator will help you in enrolling with the ecosystem agency, identifying the hazardous waste you’ve got.

We can supply proper storage, collection and disposal services tailored to particular waste flows.

For information or guidance on any facet of dangerous waste management, please contact our Environment Team.

With the introduction of the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, the variety of wastes has raised significantly. These waste materials may be taken away just from websites registered as hazardous waste companies with the Environment Agency. Enrollment may be done online using the following web site

As is true for any restricted waste, these could be carried through an authorised carrier simply.

A number of the more common hazardous waste contain:

*Compounds – contains acids, alkalis. Water treatment and boiler treatment compounds are fairly common
*Household batteries
*Oils (except edible oil, that’s cooking oil)
*Soil from excavations ( in case that it’s infected with dangerous substances)
*Track Ballast (including dangerous materials)
*Insulation material including asbestos
*Construction materials including asbestos
*Paints, inks and adhesives containing dangerous materials
*Cast-Off equipment including chlorofluorocarbons (for example older refrigerators and deep freezers)
*Cytotoxic and cytostatic medications
*Gear including mercury (thermometers, sphygmomanometers etc)
*Sodium lamps (usually from road light)
*Fluorescent tubes

Resource company demand
It’s the duty of the waste company to give an acceptable and precise description of the waste, including the correct European Resource Catalog (EWC) code number. Details of waste descriptions are available in the Environment Agency’s EWC list.

It’s very important that dangerous and nonhazardous waste substances aren’t set in an identical container for removal. At minimum, it’d mean the whole load would need to be consigned as dangerous, with an appreciable economic punishment by means of increased costs for disposal.

For information or guidance on any facet of dangerous waste management, please contact our Environment Team.


Local waste management provides a bag collection service for customers who don’t possess the necessary space accessible for bin storage.

We provide a regular commerce bag range for general waste. These bags come in cartons of 200 and are created from recycled plastic.


These bags come in cartons of 200 and are produced from recyclable plastic. This service may be managed as a stand alone service or along with a commerce bag group. We may also offer this service to customers that have a regular wheelie bin group but want to improve their green credentials.

In addition, we provide private waste collections, using CRB assessed drivers. All disposals are given a certification of destruction for your reassurance.

Bags can be found in 5-10 bag amounts.

In the event you want to understand more or you feel you’d reap the benefits of a site audit, please get connected.

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