Deciphering Dry Mixed Recycling

A grasp of the DMR concept paves the way for an informed and eco-conscious community:

  • A Unified Approach: DMR amalgamates multiple recyclable materials, from paper and cardboard to specific plastics and metals, within a single bin.
  • The Green Confluence: Merging multiple recyclables simplifies the process for businesses and households, making a green approach more accessible and straightforward.
  • Segregation & Processing: Once collected, the mixed recyclables undergo efficient segregation at our state-of-the-art facilities, followed by subsequent recycling processes for each material.

Why Opt for IS Recycling’s DMR Service?

  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Recognizing the varied recyclable outputs of different entities, we offer customised bin sizes ranging from a handy 240L to an expansive 1100L.
  • Broad Spectrum Coverage: Our DMR service encompasses a wide range of recyclables, allowing businesses and households to substantially reduce their non-recyclable waste.
  • Swift & Seamless: Familiarity with Colchester’s intricate lanes to its sprawling avenues ensures our collection is prompt, regular, and efficient.

Beyond Collection: Our Pledge

IS Recycling believes in a holistic approach towards sustainability:

  • Educational Workshops: Empowerment through knowledge stands at our core. We regularly host workshops and training sessions, ensuring our clients make the most of the DMR system.
  • Eco-Innovations: We continually refine our DMR processes, embracing technological advancements and methods that further reduce waste and boost recycling efficiency.

Colchester’s Eco-Confluence with IS Recycling

From the historic Colchester Castle to the bustling markets, every corner of our town whispers tales of its past and dreams of its future. With our DMR service, we’re ensuring that future resonates with eco-conscious choices and actions.