Understanding General Waste

Before diving into the depths of our offerings, it’s essential to understand what constitutes ‘general waste’.

  • Non-Recyclable Material: General waste includes items that cannot be recycled due to their nature, composition, or contamination.
  • Everyday Items: Often, this encompasses items like non-recyclable plastics, laminated paper products, certain types of packaging, and more.
  • Exclusions: General waste does not include hazardous or harmful substances, electronic waste, or specific industrial by-products.

Why Choose IS Recycling’s General Waste Collection?

  • Bespoke Binning: Depending on your requirements, we offer bins ranging from a compact 240L for smaller needs to a spacious 1100L for substantial waste generation.
  • Colchester-Wide Reach: From the historic landmarks in the town centre to the suburban expanses and the countryside stretches, our services encompass every nook and cranny of Colchester.
  • Timely Collections: In the fast-paced world of business and everyday life, punctuality is paramount. We pride ourselves on our reliable and timely collections, ensuring your premises remain clutter-free.

Commitment Beyond Collection

At IS Recycling, our vision goes beyond merely collecting waste.

  • Local Love: Being deeply embedded in Colchester’s community, we understand the nuances of its streets, its businesses, and its people. We aren’t just another service; we’re your neighbours, sharing your love for this town.
  • Educative Approach: We take it upon ourselves to educate our patrons about waste segregation, helping you understand what can be recycled and what falls under general waste, thereby reducing contamination and enhancing waste management efficiency.

Colchester’s Green Legacy with IS Recycling

With its Roman walls, vibrant marketplaces, and cultural hubs, Colchester deserves the pinnacle of care. Our General Waste Collection service aims to ensure that while we cherish our past, we also lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

Join the Green Movement

With IS Recycling’s General Waste Collection, ensure that your waste management is as simple as it is sustainable. Join us, and together, let’s continue crafting Colchester’s eco-friendly legacy.